Miloslav Chaloupka Miloslav Chaloupka
born in 2 June, 1953 in Pardubice

studies:   1973–76 structural faculty ČVUT in Prague
1976–79 Academy of art in Pargue,
department of architecture

In artistic creation he is mostly given up to ceramic.
As an architect he works in architectonic atelier ADAM PRVNÍ s.r.o in Pardubice.

He has participated in collective exibitions in the Czech Republic and in foreign countries since 1980. He has had several own exibitions since year 1983. He created several ceramic reliefs in interiors of public buildings:

  • OÚ Havlíčkův Brod, chata Jezerka Seč
  • Česká pojišťovna Rychnov nad Kněžnou
  • Plavecký areál Pardubice(spoluautor Hana Jiroutová)
  • aula gymnazia Bad Dürkheim (ve spolupráci s Karlem Kafkou)
  • SPT Telecom Pardubice
  • Pavilon ARO Pardubice
  • vstupní hala hotelu "Stadt Naumburg" Naumburg (ve spolupráci s Davidem Škodným)

We can meet with natural keynotes in themes of his work often transformed to abstract forms.

The author´s range of interest is filled with ceramic or porcelain objects having functiona lity such as light objects, clocks, vases, bowls etc. These artefacts are typical for constricted shapes and modest decoration reflecting simple design. A part of his works is made by combinating or putting in variety of different materials to ceramics such as metal, glass or wood.