About me

Miloslav Chaloupka

Born 2 June 1953 in Pardubice


1973-76 Faculty of Civil Engineering, ČVUT of Prague
1976–79 Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, architecture

Miloslav Chaloupka's work unfolds on several levels. It is an architectural activity in which interest in interiors and design prevails. In this architectural activity he works within the architectural studio ADAM FIRST s.r.o. Pardubice.

In his own art, he focuses mainly on ceramics. He sees ceramics mostly as a mural, an relief painting.

In the themes of his work we encounter natural themes, often translated into abstract form. An unmistakable inspiration is our existence on the planet
and its context beyond that link. Primarily
in ceramic relief then expresses feelings and reflections
from this perception. However, he is no stranger to stylized views of architectural objects, building fragments or urban noes.

Part of the artistic creations is also the combination or insertion of various materials (metal, glass or wood) into a ceramic artifact. This creates an unconventional connection of different materials in new contexts and connections.

Ceramic or porcelain sculptures or objects are also in the author's artistic interest. Some objects then
with a certain functionality – light objects, clocks, vases, bowls, etc., when the "function" is rather secondary. These artefacts feature clenched shapes and understated decoration
and look for their foundation in a simple design.

An integral part of his ceramic work are the design and realization of ceramic walls, reliefs or objects as part of architectural spaces, both public and private.

Since 1980 he has participated in joint exhibitions at home and abroad, since 1983 he has had a number of exhibitions independent or co-authored.


          Union of Fine Artists of the Pardubice Region

            Czech Chamber of Architects